12 MiniBattles

12 MiniBattles

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About 12 MiniBattles

Get ready for your next game night! Whether you’re looking for something new to play with friends or want to put your digital drawing skills to the test, 12 MiniBattles is guaranteed to entertain.

In the age of Vikings, battles were not only fought with swords and spears, but also with rocks and arrows. 12 MiniBattles is a HTML5 based arcade game inspired by classic viking battles against zombies. In this game, the player must lead their Viking warriors to battle against the zombies. Each player has a team of three vikings, who can be controlled individually. The player can stack the vikings on top of each other to create vikings with special skills. The player can also upgrade their weapons to make the vikings deadlier and make the zombies retreat. Minibattles is an HTML5 game that can be played on desktop or mobile

In the viking age, the gods of Norse mythology decided to settle the largest number of people in the world. They wanted every tribe to have their own land. Therefore, they ordered Valkyries to choose people from different tribes to go to a different land called New World. There was not enough land for everyone, so the people who were not selected had to stay on their own. The Minibattle is a classic 2 player game. You can play it alone or with your friend. The objective of the game is to destroy your opponent’s base. There is only one base on the map, so you can only attack it once. Your base is the biggest and most powerful than your opponent’s base. The player who destroys his/her opponent’s base first wins the game. Let’s know how to play

You and a friend are the last survivors of a Viking settlement. The last resources are running out and the zombie apocalypse is imminent. The only way to save the settlement is to reach the trading post before the hoards of un-dead overtake it. But how do you reach a trading post in the middle of a vast, zombie-infested wilderness? Every Viking settlement worth its salt is equipped with a Minibattle. It’s a team of warriors, a smithy, a longhouse and a well stocked larder all rolled into one. These miniature fortresses are just big enough to house a warrior and his family. All they have to do is hold out against the hordes of the undead for as long as rules of Minibattles are simple. You have an hour to make a home for yourself. Your goal is to stall for time as long as you can. You must find as many resources as possible, craft barricades, build traps, defend yourself and make the most of every second you

In this 12 MiniBattles game we play as a viking, or a zombie, or both, or all these at the same time! We have to destroy the little red blocks which are trying to capture our friends! As a viking: use your sword, hammer and shield to destroy the red blocks. As a zombie: use your teeth, nails and brain to bite the little red blocks! As both: use your sword, hammer, shield and teeth, and your nails and brain as a

How to play 12 MiniBattles

This addictive gameplay will keep you and a friend entertained for hours. Play all the games and spend hours getting the better of your friends. Have fun and win every game! 12 MiniBattles was the second runner-up in the 2018 CrazyGames Developer contest. The jury of three independent game experts loved the 2 player setup and varied gameplay with retro graphics. "Party Games are a hit or miss, this one is a hit. The concepts are well executed and I really like the game's quick pacing and single button input." Release Date July 2017 (Android). November 2018 (HTML5). UPDATE (April 2019): New minigames have been added, and now it has more than 36 minigames to enjoy! Developer 12 MiniBattles is developed by Shared Dreams (Mariano Maffia). Features A fun 2-player arcade game Various randomized games to play, including fan-made popular titles, such as Rooftop Snipers and Soccer Physics Easy one button controls Addictive and challenging gameplay Platforms Web browser (desktop and mobile) Android Controls Player 1 use A Player 2 use L