Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter

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About Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is one of those games that you completely forget how to play but after playing it once or twice, you can play it until the cows come home. You see, this game is all about controlling a bow and arrow. By using your arrow, you have to blow up as many balloons as possible in order to score points. But that’s not all there is to it. How well do you know your Apple iPhone? If you don’t, this game will help you test your knowledge against other players from around the world. 

You are an apple! You cannot only shoot, but you have to do it with an arrow. You must go through many levels shooting as many apples as you can in each level. To make things more difficult, the apples can now shoot back! They will come at you from every direction, so be prepared to dodge and Aāpwey! 

The ultimate bow and arrow shooting game has arrived! Get ready to experience the most realistic archery experience you have ever had. Try it out for free and see if it’s something you want to spend real money on. The apple Shooter Game is a great arcade style shooter game that will challenge you mentally and physically.

How to play Apple Shooter

Using Mouse