Baby Chicco Adventures

Baby Chicco Adventures

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About Baby Chicco Adventures

In Baby Chicco Adventures game you play as a penguin that is on an adventure through the jungle. You must avoid the obstacles and keep jumping until you reach the end of each level. At your side there is a little baby that will help you during your journey. If you like to play challenging platform games with pixel art graphics or if you are looking for an easy escape from everyday stress, this is the perfect game for you. 

This little penguin wants to become an adventurer like his grandfather. To do that, he needs to pass several tests. This is a fun and challenging side-scrolling platformer game with elements of puzzle-solving and exploration. Test your wits and reflexes as you guide the baby penguin through a series of ice caverns crawling with enemies and traps. Keep him away from danger until he becomes a great explorer! 

Welcome to the world of Baby Chicco Adventures! A dangerous adventure is about to begin, where you will need all your skills and knowledge to continue. Explore the ice caves as you try to avoid the dangers that lurk. Aracnide – or “spider” in Italian – is a baby penguin born in an arthropod zoo. He is a shy and inexperienced bird but with a great potential for growth. Unfortunately, during his first steps outside the nest he was taken by a fox and locked in the labyrinth of its cave. Luckily, he was able to escape from there but now he has to find his way back Watch out for all kinds of traps and be prepared to use your brain because this won’t be easy. 

In this puzzling adventure game, players take on the role of a baby penguin (named “P”) who has been separated from its family. In order to reunite with its parents and siblings, P must travel through challenging levels by jumping and avoiding obstacles. There are plenty of exciting challenges along the way. Will you successfully guide P back home?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if penguins could fly? Now, you have the opportunity to find out. In this awesome new game called Baby Penguin: Adventure, you will play as a little baby penguin who is on a mission in an arctic world. The icy land has been shattered and pieces of ice are scattered all over the place. You need to help the little guy get back home safely by jumping across gaps and dodging traps. Baby Chicco Adventures game features some nice 2d graphics with a side-scrolling style much like that of any Mario game.

How to play Baby Chicco Adventures

Controls A or left arrow key = move left D or right arrow key - move right W or Z = jump / fly X or J = shoot