Ball Sort Puzzle

Ball Sort Puzzle

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About Ball Sort Puzzle

Ball Sort Puzzle Game for mobile devices. The game's vibrant aesthetic and engaging gameplay have made it popular since its introduction in 2020. The player is given a number of tubes in the game, each of which can contain a specific amount of colored balls. The goal is to arrange the balls so that there is only one color in each tube. The player can move balls between tubes, however they can only be moved into a tube if they are of the same color and there is room for them.

The game starts with a pretty basic set of pipes and balls, but as the player progresses to higher levels, the difficulty increases. The levels are organized into packs, each with a set of progressively more complex levels. The game gets harder with each subsequent pack adding new elements, such as different tubes or obstacles.

Players who appreciate puzzle games that require careful planning and strategic thinking will find that Ball Sort Puzzle is the perfect game for them. While it's free to download and play, the game has ads and in-app purchases for additional features and benefits. Both iOS and Android devices support it.

How to play Ball Sort Puzzle

Using Mouse