Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

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About Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

Join a thrilling adventure to aid in the return of the balls. Balls are brave despite the dangerous spikes, swords, and traps that are coming their way. Balls are clever, but puzzles are difficult to solve. 
In the platformer adventure game Ball Tales, you take on the role of a ball that must roll its way toward the sacred prize. The holy treasure is in danger! It has been taken by a group of warriors, who then escaped. Join a thrilling journey to help the balls get it back. The balls are brave despite the deadly spikes, dangerous traps, and knives that are waiting for them. The problems are challenging, but the balls are clever. Take part in this narrative trip and assist.

How to play Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

Instruction Use W,A,D controls for keyboard.