Boom Battle Arena

Boom Battle Arena

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About Boom Battle Arena

The year is 2064 and the world is a completely different place. Humans now dwell among the stars and alien civilizations have joined forces to fight the dangers of artificial intelligence and other threats to peace. In this future version of Earth, massive walled cities calledshields protect the people from outer space cities are run by a special police force called the. The police force trains humanoid robots called to fight the dangers of artificial intelligence and other fighter has its own superpowers and abilities. They battle each other in gladiatorial-like arenas calledto prove who is the most play as the BOMB restarter and must collect artifacts to help you defeat the other players and become the new champion. Be ready to blast your way to

It’s time for you to rise up against the evil horde and smash them all! Come, let’s play this amazing and thrilling game named Boom Battle Arena,which is a classic arcade game in which you have to destroy all the obstacles and a player, you will play as a brave soldier, who is going to fight against an army of evil robots and enemies. You will be facing hordes of enemies in every level and every time you will be fighting against them, you will be upgrading your weapons, power-ups and your armor. The more enemies you’ll destroy, the more points you’ll get. So, let’s launch a war against the evil horde and win the

Wanna create your own army of epic heroes? Wanna play with friends or even strangers? Wanna get hooked to the most addictive video game ever? Then BOOM BATTLE ARENA is just for you. Join the ultimate battle arena where you can face your opponents and train your heroes to become the ultimate champion. Train your heroes, build a base, upgrade your heroes and make them the ultimate killer. Now check out the game play and the amazing

Take control of the ultimate bomber in this innovative 3D arcade combat game! Battle it out in multiple local and online multiplayer modes including team battle, capture the flag, and last man standing! Upgrade your bomber, unlock new planes with unique skill trees, and collect awesome power-ups that give you an edge in battle. Can you take out the other team and become the ultimate bomber

Oh no! The boom has been spotted! The boom is a threat to our planet and must be destroyed! But how? In this game, you will battle it out and try to avoid it. But not just that, can you destroy the boom before it strikes? Battle it out in this fun and addictive 3D Bomb arcade game! Collect upgrades and blast your way through crazy

How to play Boom Battle Arena

Using Mouse