Brawlhalla Grand Slam

Brawlhalla Grand Slam

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About Brawlhalla Grand Slam

Every warrior has a story to tell, and the Brawlhalla Grand Slam is that story. Formed from the ashes of Warframe, Brawler’s Bold has set out on a journey to become not only the world’s best, but also the absolute greatest warriors in Brawlhalla. In an effort to prove that humanity can absolutely destroy anything that brings them together, this humble indie team hit a home run with our original concept for this adrenaline-pumping game. 

Supercell's Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game that requires you to make strategic choices while playing. You can play the game anywhere, anytime with any internet connection. It's available on iOS and Android devices and comes with an in-game currency called gems that can be used to buy various in-game features and tools. 

World of Warcraft’s Battle For Azeroth has arrived, and with it come a new age of conflict for the Horde and the Alliance. In this installment of the Brawlhalla Grand Slam series, we’ll be going over some of the most important changes introduced in Battle For Azeroth, as well as what they mean for each faction in-game. 

How to play Brawlhalla Grand Slam

Using Mouse