Bubble Shooter Candy 2

Bubble Shooter Candy 2

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About Bubble Shooter Candy 2

If you like the classic game of breaking balls and challenging your logic with puzzles, then this is the perfect game for you! Shoot at those candy bubbles and win points. Sounds easy? Not so fast! You need to think strategically, aim carefully and shoot fast because the bubbles will keep coming at you from all angles. To get 3 stars on every level, try to not shoot the same bubble more than once and don’t let any of them reach the end of the screen or else it’s game over. 

Bubbles are back with more candy, more challenges and even more fun! The objective is simple: shoot and pop the colored bubbles to beat each level. Think before shooting, shoot strategically, and watch out for the soda. Much harder than it sounds. How to play - Shoot and pop the ball by aiming your arrow and pulling back on your bow to set the strength of your shot. - Each level has a limited number of arrows and balls so you will have to be careful how you use them. 

Bored of classic bubble shooter games? This is the best time to try out something new! Bubble Shooter Candy 2 is an excellent choice for everyone who loves candy, puzzles and shoot em up arcade games. The game has simple controls and a user-friendly interface that makes it appealing even to people who are new to this genre. Apart from that, the graphics are also adorable and engaging. Are you ready to take on this challenging test of your

Are you ready for another bubble shooting challenge? As the sequel to our popular game, Bubble Shooter Candy 2, this brand new version will test your skills once again. But this time, things are going to be a lot more challenging! 

Join the Candy Bubble Shooter 2 craze and download now! Shoot and pop bubbles in this brand new sequel. It is a really fun and addictive game with over 25 levels, different difficulty modes, awesome power-ups and challenging puzzles. 

How to play Bubble Shooter Candy 2

Using Mouse