Car Smasher!

Car Smasher!

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About Car Smasher!

Car Smasher is an insanely fast, adrenaline-pumping hyper casual arcade game with a twist. The objective is simple: get as far as possible while smashing as many cars as you can along the way. Sounds simple, right? Think again! With every new level, things get harder and harder. How long can you last before reaching your breaking point? 

This game is a fast-paced, arcade game about ramming your car into things. Smash everything you see and be quick about it! The faster you finish each level the more bonus points you get! Practice your skills until you can hit those cars like a pro because things are going to get harder as you go. There are also different powerups to help you on your way. 

Car Smasher! games are about simplicity and re-playability. They are about small, refined experiences that users can come back to time and time again without getting bored. This amazing game is a hyper casual game with simple controls and fast action. You smash cars as they appear on the screen. 

Car Smasher! is a sub-genre of casual games, focusing on speed and responsiveness rather than challenging gameplay and long-term retention. This amazing game is an HTML5 game where you smash cars that drive toward you. Smash as many cars as possible before they reach the gas station to score points. The difficulty increases with each level. 

Hyper Casual is a new sub-genre of casual games that are fast-paced, challenging and time-sensitive. Players have very little time to react, but their response must be measured and precise in order to succeed. In this article you will find 10 hyper casual browser games like Car Smasher

How to play Car Smasher!

Using Mouse