City of Billiards

City of Billiards

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About City of Billiards

City of Billiards is a virtual representation of the sport, in which you must use your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to complete different challenges. The game starts off with a basic tutorial on how to play the game and its controls. Once you’ve gotten through that, you will be introduced to various levels and their respective challenges. Each level has a set number of objectives that need to be completed before you can continue playing. There are different types of levels: some require you to hit balls into certain pockets, others ask you to clear all the balls from the table, and so on. Some levels even have an extra challenge in which you need to complete them in as few shots as possible. 

City of Billiards is a 3D billiards puzzle game. It is a mixture of several classic games like bowling, pool and minesweeper in one. Your goal is to find all the billiard balls hidden in different parts of the city and bring them back to your own pool room. The catch: You are not allowed to leave your house until you complete the task! Sounds impossible? Well, with the help of the locals, you will do it! With 100 challenging levels across 5 difficulty modes and plenty of bonuses, this game will keep you entertained for hours!

City of Billiards is a 3D billiard puzzle game, you need to find the same color of balls and put them into the Billiards table. When all billiard tables are cleared, you can go to the next level. There are many challenges waiting for you! Are you ready?

• Intense gameplay

• More than 100 challenging levels

• Various props and ball designs

• Helpful tutorials for

City of Billiards is a 3D Puzzle game. The goal is to help the main character find his way out of the city, by solving puzzles and ridding the city of billiards. You will have to combine your logic skills, visual acuity and problem-solving abilities to get through this game. 

How to play City of Billiards

Using Mouse