Cookie Crush Christmas 2

Cookie Crush Christmas 2

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About Cookie Crush Christmas 2

Cookie Crush Christmas 2 is a fun match 3 game where you need to match 3 cookies of the same color to remove them from the board. Can you help Cookie crush Santa get her cookies back on Christmas? Features – Beautiful graphics – Easy controls and game play – Addictive gameplay, with varying degrees of difficulty – Simple and clean interface – Leaderboard and Achievements Help Cookie Crush Santa get her cookies back on Christmas! To ensure she has enough cookies for her warm chocolatey delight, Cookie must collect 10 cookie pieces in each level. Each level starts with 6 cookies of one color, followed by white cookies of different colors. Once you complete the level, the remaining cookie colors change. However, when looking at them from the side they look like they have 6 colors in each one. You can’t see what color they are from directly but you know if there is a single cookie of that color or not. The main goal is to clear all of the cookies so that Santa gets her 10 pieces back for her festive dinner! In order to complete each level, you need to match 3 or more cookie colors of the same kind (chocolatey goodness) without letting any other cookie drop out. 


How to play Cookie Crush Christmas 2

Using Mouse