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Count Master

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About Count Master

Count Master is a fast-paced arcade game with the theme of racing and counting. You are the count master of this game, keeping track of the number of times each player has popped a balloon. You begin with five lives and lose one every time you pop a balloon that another player has already popped. The first player to run out of lives loses, so use your counter wisely! New Version 6.0 released on January 25th 2019! - New Leader boards and Achievements - New World Map Stage - New Characters:

Count Masteris a fast-paced arcade game where you need to escape a labyrinth filled with danger at every turn. You control one of five space explorers, each with their own unique abilities, as they try to escape the maze and avoid capture by the alien menace lurking within. Within this post, you will find general information about the game and its release details. If you would like to stay updated on the game or ask us specific questions about it, please follow us on one of our social media channels or visit our website: 

There are so many different sub-genres of games out there that it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Thankfully, they all essentially fall into a few main categories: strategy, first-person shooter, racing game and so on. The strange sub-category we’re going to focus on in this article is the hypercasual, or minimalist game. These games typically have simple graphics, very little reading and simple mechanics that almost anyone can understand after just a few minutes of playing. 

Count Master is a fast-paced space racing game where the player must save fellow space travelers from an evil alien threat by traveling through hypergates to different galaxies, collecting space cash and avoiding obstacles. The graphics are very retro vector style and the gameplay is super fast and addictive – you’ll be counting your chickens before they hatch!

Count Master is a sub-category of mobile gaming that is focused on quality, not quantity. Unlike traditional mobile games which require minutes to learn and days to master, hypercasual games need only seconds to learn but weeks to master. We’ve compiled this list as a resource for anyone who loves the simplicity of old school arcade games and wants to know more about the HyperCasual gaming

How to play Count Master

Using Mouse