Crazy Fishing

Crazy Fishing

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About Crazy Fishing

Fishing is a popular pastime all over the world, with many people spending their free time outdoors in pursuit of their next catch. But where there’s a lure there’s a way to mess it up. These days, we call it “craze fishing”. For those who enjoy it, this is a game of stunts, patience and strategy. You have to get your fishing lines into the water as fast as possible, tempting fate with increasingly crazy hooks and lures. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch something worth keeping. If you’re not… well, you can’t win them

Fishing has always been an important part of many cultures and continues to be so in modern times. Whether you’re a diehard fisherman or just like to spend time outdoors, everyone can enjoy time on the water. In this article, we take a look at the best fishing games for Android that anyone can enjoy. From catching fish to landing the perfect catch, there are plenty of fishing games available to suit everyone’s

Fishing games have a long history, with titles like Bait Baby and Hooked dating back to the 2600’s. But it wasn’t until the advent of mobile games that virtual angling really took off. In the early 2010s, fishing games exploded, with new titles hitting the App Store every few weeks. And, as is the case with most gaming trends, the success of fishing emulation has trickled down to casual gamers as

Fishing games have a storied past filled with classics like Hooked on Fishing and Bass in a Box. From the tropical waters of Thailand to the frigid lakes of Canada, fishing games have been designed and played by people from all walks of life and

Fishing games usually involve reeling in a big fish, landing that huge marlin, or pulling in some awesome sea bass. In this game, you’ll get to reel in something a little crazier—crazier

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