Deep Miners Idle

Deep Miners Idle

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About Deep Miners Idle

Deep Miners Idle is an idle mining simulation game where you manage a team of miners as they dig up ore, coal, and gems from the ground. Your miners will automatically excavate tunnels and locate ore veins. You can upgrade their equipment to increase efficiency and performance. After that, it's time to assign them roles as Hunting, Woodcutting, or Mining based on their a miner is assigned a role they will only mine ores of that type and once their inventory is full they will return to you to deposit their findings. 

Deep Miners Idle is a simulation and strategy game with arcade elements. In this game, you play as an operator of a mine. Your tasks include exploring the mines, excavating ore, upgrading various mining equipment, keeping track of the miners working for you and much more. The game is set in a fictional world where tunnels are filled with natural gases that can be ignited by miners if they don’t take precautions while mining. As such, it’s important to upgrade your gas-proof gear often!

Deep Miners Idle is an idle mining game with a unique twist. Instead of playing as a miner who excavates gold and ore, the player instead plays as a spider who builds mines! Your goal is to build mines that are so intricate they cannot be seen from the surface. This game is one of many Idle Mining Games where your only aim is to upgrade and advance your character by spending resources, rather than actively playing. You begin with no attributes but after reaching certain upgrades you unlock new abilities that enable you to dig further, mine faster or find more gold. It’s a great game if you want something relaxing, with simple graphics and straightforward mechanics.

A new evil lurks in the depths of the mines! Those wretched little creeps, known as Deep Miners, have returned to wreak havoc in an even more diabolical manner. Our fearless miner has once again donned his trusty pickaxe and set off on a subterranean mission of destruction to obliterate these slimy creatures once and for all. But this time around things will be much more challenging.

Game is an idle mining simulation game with pixel art and a retro feel! You control miners who dig as many resources as they can from a mine. They sell the resources for money, which you use to buy upgrades and mines so you can get more resources faster. It’s a fairly simple game in that regard but there are some interesting features that keep it fresh and challenging.

How to play Deep Miners Idle

Controls A = move left D = move right You can also use the left mouse button to press the in-game buttons to go left and right.