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What is a game? To some people, a game is a virtual world they can escape to while drinking. To others, it’s more than that. It’s a hobby. A passion. An outlet for creativity and ingenuity. All of these things are true when you think about games as an art form; the same traits that make video games so amazing also make them extremely difficult to design and market effectively. So how do you make drink-themed games that appeal to your players while also maintaining your own brand identity? What makes one game stand out from the rest? These are all important considerations when creating a balance of player fun and brand integrity. But maybe more importantly: how do you prevent bad habits from taking root? For years now, many bars have tried and failed to create their own versions of popular boardgames like Jenga or Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Drink Master game is a game that involves alcohol and is usually played among friends. In the majority of drinking games, players must drink with the intent to become intoxicated, colloquially known as getting shitfaced or smashed. The object of most drinking games is for players to consume alcohol in rapid succession in an attempt to attain intoxication before their alcohol-control mechanisms limit their intake prevent them from getting drunk, or both. However, there are many other objectives that can be achieved through these games such as passing a test or just for fun. There are many different types of drinking games which vary based on the type of liquor used, the duration of play, and the number and age of people playing. Some examples include beer pong (a drinking game played with ping pong balls instead of beer), tequila shot (a standard shot drink game played with Tequila instead of liquor), and flip cup (a standard flip cup drinking game played with Ketchup instead than Beer). 

If you're anything like us here at Metahub, then you probably enjoy a good casual game once in a while. After all, gaming is meant to be fun! And there's nothing quite like an easy to grasp game that doesn't require much thinking or strategy. While we are sure you can find plenty of these kinds of games on the App Store and Google Play, none of them quite fit your drinking habits quite as well as Drink Masters does. In this game, you play the part of a master bartender who has been chosen to represent their craft among other bartenders from around the world. At first glance it may seem like there's not much to it but that's what makes it so addicting! To begin with, you'll select a type of liquor (vodka, whiskey, etc.) and add some garnishes (lemon wedge, pepper shaker and Once everything looks perfect you'll hit the sauté button which puts everything into motion! The next thing you know your drink is finished and waiting for its new master. Sounds simple right? that's where things get

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