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About Ducklings

Ducklings are cute, little, fluffy creatures that are as friendly as they are cute. They have their own language and customs, and they love to play. You can play as one of these cute ducklings in this fun and addicting game. Oh, and you know what? You can also play with up to five other friends at the same

Welcome to the best duckling game ever! Care for baby ducks and earn prizes for them! You can even share your

This game is a multiplayer HTML5 game where you can play with your friends or challenge other players from the whole world! You play as a little animal which is looking for his friends. As you collect baby ducks you can use these to create a nest to protect them from the dangerous predators. But there are also other players who are looking for baby animals just like you and are trying to destroy your nest. This is why you have to protect your ducklings as much as you can. This amazing game is also a good place to practice your communication skills and to get to know other

Have you ever wanted to be a duckling? Then this duckling simulator is the game for you! You can play with friends online and enjoy this wonderful duckling simulator together. This game is a fun interactive adventure with cute and playful ducklings. You will help the ducklings grow, play and build a happy family for them. Have fun with your friends and become the happiest duckling around! Features: - Beautiful 3D graphics and animation - 3 different duckling characters to choose from - 3 different ducklings to play with and collect - Collect 5 ducklings and build a wonderful duck family! - Play with your friends and enjoy the duckling fun together! - Free duckling simulator


How to play Ducklings

Controls Mouse / Keyboard Arrows / Joypad