Dynamons 4

Dynamons 4

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About Dynamons 4

If you’ve been following the Dynamons series of novels, video games, and comic books, the inevitable question will come up: When are we getting a Dynamon movie? The franchise has already been successful enough to spawn a trilogy of films, but fans have longed for more. As soon as possible would be nice, right? Well, now is your chance. The new film in the DC Cinematic Universe, Titans, is set to premiere on October 17 — just two weeks after the debut of Justice League - Part One. The timing couldn’t be better. If Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, and Joss Whedon's studio can pull off another cinematic marvel while Marvel is still trying to figure out its footing with Avengers: Endgame, then maybe everyone can rest easy knowing that there'll be an Dynamon movie before too long.

This Dynamons 4 is soooo awesome! It’s not like any other game you might play. It has so many mechanics that keep you on your toes, and the graphics are stunning. You take the role of a dynamo, which is what they’re called in this game. Let me explain how it works. In order to destroy the enemy, you have to capture power-ups that come from dynamos of different colors. You can only control a single dynamo at a time, but don’t worry because there are multiple ways to play and win! A

How to play Dynamons 4

Instruction Follow instructions on the screen to train your Dynamons and win battles.