Egg Wars

Egg Wars

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About Egg Wars

Your favorite shooting game returns in a big way. Egg Wars is back and it’s better than ever! It's time to defend your eggnest against the invading eggstashers. In this fast-paced, 3D shooter experience, you control one of three heroics that have the unique ability to launch eggs at enemies or absorb the eggs their henchmen shoot at you. You can also collect power-ups to help you take on the enemy team or protect your own eggs from harm. 

It's the ultimate egg-shooting game! Grab your shotgun and aim for those eggs! The game is played with eggs, not bullets. Let the eggs bounce off of you and your friends in endless virtual chaos. 

The egg wars have begun. What will you do to win the battle? Get ready to take on the other side of the war and scramble eggs in 3D space fighting with your own team or go all-in and fight it out with aliens. 

How to play Egg Wars

Using Mouse