EvoHero - Idle Gladiators

EvoHero - Idle Gladiators

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About EvoHero - Idle Gladiators

Gladiators are the idle hunters of the poker world. They sit and watch other players, waiting to pounce when an opening presents itself. But gladiators have it easier than ever before, thanks to Poker Evohero. This site allows players to acquire virtual gladiator cards by playing poker online, and to use them in real cash games or online tournaments. Card acquisition is simple, as you can get packs of 12 cards for the price of 1 on our website. The more games you play, the more valuable your cards become. Fight for more Gold and Glory in Evohero Idle Gladiators! A fast-paced, arcade game with some idle fighting mixed in.

Grab your Weapon of Choice and fight your way to the top of the Leaderboards! Evohero Idle Gladiators is a "clicker" fighting game where you can upgrade your virtual warrior along the way by fighting other players. Help the idle heroes collect as much apples as you can! Each hero has its own role in the fight against famine. Fight the evil Dino Kitties, capture the elusive Cicadas, and protect the idle villagers from attackers. But remember: don’t get addicted to idle clicks! -Controls: Use your mouse to click on tree/apple to harvest it. -Play Idle Gladiators at HeroGames -For more idle games check out our sister site

How to play EvoHero - Idle Gladiators

Using Mouse