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About EvoWorld.io

Play EvoWorld.io is another extraordinarily grown free perseverance game! Here you will bring out like the fly to some degree! Examine the guide and improve it! Eat food that you can investigate on the manual for get understanding! You need to fight various players you can meet on this monster control! This game is truly rather than different games! Regardless, recall that you should be cautious! In this game you can investigate comparative daring monsters! Being important for various players is likewise a danger! Each hazardous creature and bird will shimmer in red tones!

How to play EvoWorld.io

Your job is to eat food and to evolve yourself! On the top of the screen, you will see the food that you currently have to eat to get experience points! The food you have to eat will also be glowing in green color! But remember that you have to be careful! In this game, you can find also dangerous monsters! Some of the other players are a danger too! Every dangerous monster and bird will glow in red color!