Fairy puzzle

Fairy puzzle

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About Fairy puzzle

Fairy puzzle games have simplified rules for a broad base of players. These games tend to be short and sweet, with less time needed to finish than most other video games. The name hypercasual is a play on the shortened word casual, which means “lighter” in this context. Hyper- refers to extreme and -casual means casual as opposed to computer or console video games that are not hyper-casual. Hypercasual gaming has grown rapidly in recent years and several new mobile gaming companies have emerged specifically targeting these kinds of games. Today, you can find plenty of casual puzzlers available on your smartphone or tablet.

Fairy puzzle games are all about making the player keep playing. They are designed in such a way that players want to come back for more. These types of games do not require much strategy and focus on the player's reaction and ability to improvise. Puzzle Games will test your patience and your ability to think in challenging situations. The goal is to find hidden objects or solve a puzzle as quickly as possible while remaining logical and careful with your moves. There are many different types of puzzles available but they all have one common characteristic: They’re all played against the clock, usually in bite-sized sessions called ‘puzzles’ or ‘brain teasers’. 

This is a fun and exciting adventure game where your goal is to help the pink fairy to reach the blue fairy house. There are lots of puzzles in this game so don’t hesitate to keep playing. This is one of our best puzzle games. If you like challenging, stitch-arcade style puzzle games, then you will love this. In addition to that, the game has amazing virtual reality support! So there’s no need to worry if you have a VR headset. It even supports Google Cardboard so that anyone who has such a simple VR headset can play this game too. 

This Fairy puzzle game is all about fun! The aim of the game is to help a little girl find her way out of a giant puzzle. The girl might not be very good at puzzles but that doesn’t matter. The point is that she enjoys solving them and the goal is for her to get excited about it once more! In order to do so you have to get creative with your solutions. Look around and find things that will help you in your search for the right piece. 

The Blue Fairy is the guardian of fairies and the matchmaker for all little fairies in the world. In order to make sure each fairy has a doll perfect partner, she created a puzzle made with special ink. The only way to get out of this puzzle is finding the blue key. 

How to play Fairy puzzle

Using Mouse