FireBlob Winter

FireBlob Winter

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About FireBlob Winter

Prepare to answer the call of the northern chill with the help of Blob Winter, a puzzle game set in an arcade-style world. You are Blob Winter, a blob who has been tasked with scooping up snowflakes and storing them in your Blanket of Peace - a giant snow globe that protects you from the cold by keeping snowflakes out. Your job is simple: Keep falling snowflakes out by matching 3 or more same colored flakes. Simple enough, right? Well, it’s not quite that easy… The colors you match against have an effect on where the nextflake will land. Depending on where the previous flake fell, it will leave behind ice crystals which can slow down time or cause turbulence that will make falling flakes fly faster. 

This FireBlob Winter is Winter and it’s all about snow! The best way to warm up after a long, cold day of gaming? By playing snow related games! Snow Blasters, Snowball Fight, Freeze Tag, and Snow Scramble are just the beginning of what is available. With so many winter themed games out there I almost didn’t know where to start. So I asked some of my favorite authors of retro game puzzles and articles to suggest some new ones for me. 


How to play FireBlob Winter

Instruction Desktop: -A, D, or Arrow Keys to Move. -H, W, Up Arrow or Space to Jump. Mobile: On-Screen Controls.