Food Gang Run

Food Gang Run

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About Food Gang Run

The world is hungry for more and more efficient ways to feed the solution? Let’s bring everyone together and make our collective stomachs happy! If you have an appetite, then this is the game for you! Join the world’s top food supply agencies in order to feed as many people as possible. Team up with friends or strangers alike to work as a team. Become famous in this ever-intense race, prove that you have what it takes to become the champion of the food industry and work your way up from the bottom rung all the way to the top. Explore different regions and meet locals who will help you fulfill your quota in exchange for money, goods, or resources. The more people you feed, the higher your reputation rises and thus more opportunities open up for you. Use in-game currency or real cash to upgrade equipment, unlock new restaurants, hire specialized employees or even buy new fields that will increase your output drastically. 

In the wild world of business, your restaurant or cafe can be a valuable investment. But to make money, it needs to be run with precision and efficiency. There’s no room for error, or laziness; all the employees need to work as a team. So, what is the best way to keep everyone on the same page, without any headaches? A food gang run! The Food Gang Run is a new take on restaurant management games where you play as an owner running a small eatery. In order to keep things running smoothly at your establishment you have to hire staff, upgrade your kitchen and produce high-quality meals for customers at affordable prices. The game is set up as a series of missions where each task has its own reward. 

The world is a fast-changing place. People have become much more savvy and aware of where their food comes from. There are more options than ever before, but how do you know which ones are the best? That’s why this “Food Gang Run” game has been created. In this exciting new game, you will help us create a series of new, popular fast food chains that people can trust to serve quality ingredients at a competitive price. You will also learn about all of the local restaurants in your area, as well as which ones have compromised on quality or service to keep costs down. 

Just in time for the new year, here’s the first ‘Gang Run’! In this game you play as Kiz! A very small, weak and innocent looking alligator who absolutely loves eating food. But his gags don’t end there… Kiz is not only an all-rounder but also a very skilled chef who can whip up some super yummy and mouthwatering dishes with just a single bite. Help him explore different places to find the most delicious foods and earn points by serving them to people who visit your restaurant. The faster you serve other people, the more points you get.

The game is about a Rabbit who runs an ice-cream shop in the countryside. The goal of the game is to help the Rabbit earn as much money as possible by selling premium ice cream, and upgrade the shop to create new and more delicious flavors of ice cream. There will be other rabbits who will also run their own ice-cream shops and compete with you for business. 

How to play Food Gang Run

PC controls:Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.Mobile and Tablet Controls:Touch the movement buttons on the screen and be able to jump. 800 X 600 Tue Aug 02 2022