Foxy Land

Foxy Land

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About Foxy Land

Foxy Land is a new adventure platformer game created by me,foxyland. In this game you play as fox who is trying to escape from the castle in which he was imprisoned for the past few days by defeating the enemies and bosses that are guarding it. This game contains some funny moments and very challenging levels that will have you red-flagging at every step. You’ll need to use all your skills and a variety of platforms to get out of this dark castle with its many secrets and hidden passages that lead to even darker places. With your help,I hope to bring joy into the hearts of my captors once again! The game itself is divided in three chapters. 

What's new in Mario Newescape Games? Redfox has announced the release of Newescape Games, a brand new online platform game which you must play if you are a fan of Mario and super heroes alike. You will find this game to be challenging, but not impossible. The goal is simple: eliminate the red foxes. You can fight through levels in either single player or multiplayer modes with up to 4 other people via private or public servers. Multiplayer features various game modes such as deathmatch, capture the flag and others as well as various speed settings so that everyone can play at their own pace. 

The world is filled with red foxes! It’s not a game about running from them or hiding in the corners. It’s about throwing yourself into their world and learning to deal with them. NewescapeGames’ RedFox is a fresh take on platformers, with an emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. You play as Red Foxy, a red fox that must navigate his way around the world. RedFox is a land of challenge: every new area you visit has its own unique challenges and enemies that need to be dealt with. 

How to play Foxy Land

Using Mouse