Giant Race

Giant Race

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About Giant Race

Giant Race is an Action, Adventure and Fighting game. It is a 3D endless running game where you will have to fight enemies, run away from them and most importantly, escape the giant! You are a little green man who escaped from the giant with his life but not much else. He needs to reach the end of each level as fast as possible while collecting coins, which he can use to upgrade himself or buy new powers along the way. Will you be able to outrun this angry giant?

This Giant Race game is a 3D game where players can run, jump, and fight other players in order to climb up the leaderboard. Each player takes control of an individual avatar with unique abilities. The main objective of this game is to reach the top of the hill while avoiding obstacles and beating your opponents. Do you have what it takes to beat all other contestants?

This one is a 3D adventure game which you play as a mini giant and run through various environments beating up other giants in your way. The game has pixelated graphics and you can punch, kick or use special powers to attack the other giants. 

This one is an adventure game with a lot of fighting and race, where you can become the strongest giant.

How to play Giant Race

Using Mouse