Giant Rush

Giant Rush

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About Giant Rush

Rush as fast as you can through a number of different levels, getting as many points as possible. If you’ve played any of the more recent Mario games, then you’ll know what to expect with this classic arcade style game. The basic gist of it all is that you’re trying to get as many points as possible in the given time limit. This can be done by driving a car, flying a plane, or running through a series of levels infused with giant spikes, balls of fire and other dangers. You might think that there isn’t much that has changed between then and now, but there are a few key differences. For one thing, the graphics have been pulled into line with modern standards. Secondly, the gameplay has been tweaked slightly to make it more challenging without becoming unfair or unplayable for veteran players. Lastly, there are a few new characters that have been added to keep things fresh from game to game. 

The original title of this game is something like “Block Breaker”,but it’s actually a fighting game. It has a dash move which makes the enemy run away and a special attack called the “Giant Rush” which makes your character perform continuous attacks on large groups of enemies. This combination of fighting and running is what made this one of the best fighting games in the 80s and 90s. The graphics have been updated and now they are available on mobile devices too. 

How to play Giant Rush

Using Mouse