Jewel Halloween

Jewel Halloween

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About Jewel Halloween

Let’s be honest, Halloween is the worst holiday of the year. It’s so boring and there are so many commercials (known as “halloween bags”) urging you to buy these adorable pumpkins and carve your own ghosts, that we can barely stand to see the day end. Fortunately, there are a few things in life that are better than sobbing into a jar of pickled ghouls for four days straight. Bejeweled is one of them. This game is more than just another match-3 game with gruesome images on its cover — it’s a badge of honor. It’s known as much for its scary symbology as it is for its addictive gameplay. The Jewel Halloween Are Scary Now If you love your match-3 games with a healthy helping of horror mixed in, then this new generation of bejeweled games might be right up your alley. 

In the newest Jewel Halloween game, use reasoning and wit. Enjoy the trip filled with skeletons, demons, and pumpkins while collecting cash. Can you go through each level without being scared? The closest possible matches between at least three objects are required. If you match at least four objects, you can raise your score and gain access to useful boosters like explosives. If you need some help, you could try spinning the lucky wheel. To dominate the spooky season, create as many coin collections as you can.

How to play Jewel Halloween

Using Mouse