Keep Out

Keep Out

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About Keep Out

Keep Out is an interactive 3D adventure game where a group of unfortunate souls are trapped in a mysterious dungeon. Players must work together to explore this labyrinth, find useful objects and solve puzzles in order to escape. Each player will control one of the prisoners, with different stats and abilities that can either help or get in the way. The prison guard AI is also present, which means you cannot simply run away when things get dangerous. They will chase you relentlessly until they catch you again or you reset the room. At its core, This one ! is a game about making bold decisions under pressure and weighing up risk vs reward. Will you sacrifice another prisoner to distract the guard? Can you trust that stranger not to stab you in the back? Can you risk being captured again so soon to find another hidden passage? These are just some examples of the difficult choices we hope players will face while playing this game. 

Keep Out is a 3D monster fighting game with a dungeon crawler twist. You play as one of the monsters, locked in a mysterious facility filled with traps, puzzles and other monsters. Your goal is to make your way through the labyrinth and find out who or what is behind your imprisonment. You have no friends here: every monster you meet is either aggressive and will attack you on sight or shy away from you if they see you coming. Use this to your advantage! The timid ones will give you access to places others can’t get into. Scavenge for food and avoid "human" traps as much as possible; they’re everywhere! Find weapons and armor to increase your stats, but keep in mind that some pieces will help you while others might hurt you instead. 

Escape the dungeon and Keep Out game ! is your ultimate test of wit and courage. You are a prisoner locked in the icky dungeon of some creepy castle. You have to find clues, solve puzzles and explore the labyrinth to escape. Watch out for traps and monsters lurking in dark corners. If you fail, you will be locked up forever! The game is a VR experience with 3D graphics and interactive objects. It’s an escape-the-room type of game with elements of horror, exploration, stealth, puzzle solving, and virtual reality. With your virtual hands you can pick up objects, open doors or search drawers for useful items. 

Escape the dungeon and fight against the monster in this 3D adventure game. You are locked inside a scary dungeon with a monster lurking around. You need to find all the keys to unlock the doors and escape before you get caught. But be careful, there are many traps, locked rooms, and secrets that might help or hinder your escape. Keep Out is a 3D first person action game where you play as one of three characters trapped in a dungeon crawling with monsters. 

How to play Keep Out

Controls W to move forward S to move backward A to strafe left D to strafe right Q to turn left E to turn right Space bar to use sword F to use bow X to use bomb C to use wand R to use potion