Ladder Race 3D

Ladder Race 3D

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About Ladder Race 3D

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best in the world, or just starting out. The key to climbing the ranks is staying focused and working hard. And that’s exactly what you need to do to become an elite climber. Keep reading to learn more about the world of climbing, as well as the skills you need to succeed in this demanding

The ultimate test is climbing the ladders in this thrilling competition. In Ladder Race 3D game, you need to climb the ladders as fast as you can to win the as high as you can in a limited time. Every rung you climb will increase the tension and challenge of the ladders are rigged at an angle and are not always lined up directly above one another. Use the left and right side of the screen to keep your balance as you run and try to keep to the center of the ladders as much as

The final race of the season is here and you’re still in it for the win! But before you can prepare for the ultimate showdown, you’ll have to complete one more race. What’s your plan? Will you sneak past your competitors or will you ride their coattails to victory? Regardless of your strategy, you’ll have to be quick on your toes if you want to make it to the finish line first. If you’re up for the challenge, grab your gaming controller and prepare to

The third Ladder Race 3D is the culmination of all of the training you have done. Your skills are put to the test as you seek to finish first. The competitors will be seeking to mitigate risks and time spent climbing the ladder in the shortest amount of time possible. The races are separated into 3 rounds. In round 1, participants will have one minute to climb as high as they can. For every 3rd place finish in round 1, participants are placed into a random group. In round 2, participants will have 15 seconds to climb as high as they can. The last climber will be the one who finishes first. In round 3, participants will have five minutes to complete as many runs as they can. The last climber will be the one who finishes first, and the top three finishers will receive a bonus prize. There is no time to rest in between rounds. Competitors must train harder and faster than ever to finish

You’re on a rope bridge in the jungle, and there are ropes dangling below you. It’s a simple test of your balance and trust. The first person to walk across the rope bridge takes all the gold coins on either side. However, the bridge is swaying and creaking and there’s something alive down there… Ladders are the perfect way to get in the zone and test your skill and concentration. 

How to play Ladder Race 3D

Using Mouse