Meow Meow Life

Meow Meow Life

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About Meow Meow Life

You are a kitten and your mommy has left you at home all by yourself. She said that you could play with your cat as much as you wanted, but you have to be really quiet because other cats might come looking for themsonly. But that’s not all: now there is also a nice human lady who lives next door. She will give you some treats and make sure that you don’t get too hungry. But remember: the more treats she gives you, the lonelier you become.

You are a kitten living in a house with your mother and sisters. But one day you hear a meow from the next room, and you know that somebody wants to play with you. Can you help this curious little cat find her friends? You can either drag the cat matches or click them down with your mouse. Once they're gone, more cats appear until only one is left.

A girl and her cat are walking hand in hand through a field of flowers. They look like they’re in love, yet they can’t be more different. The girl is on a tight schedule. She has to get to her next class on time. Her cat, however, is all about being leisurely and relaxing. 

How to play Meow Meow Life

Instruction Controls: Follow the in-game instructions to play.