Merge Numbers Wooden edition

Merge Numbers Wooden edition

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About Merge Numbers Wooden edition

Merge your game for Android with the most popular and addictive sliding puzzle game on Google Play. Merge Numbers is a fun, simple, yet deep and challenging game. Your goal is to merge all numbers using only basic arithmetic operations. Sounds easy, right? Well… it kind of is! The merge operation can be tricky and requires a lot of reflexion to perform successfully. You need to understand the workflow involved in merging numbers as well as theinteracting parts of each number in order to merge any number at all. By understanding how numbers merge you will be able to create more effective and error-free merges. 

Merge Numbers Wooden edition is a game of logical thinking and problem solving. You will have to merge numbers using logic and your brain to get the highest score. Merge numbers is different from most other games in that it requires a lot more thinking than just clicking on numbers and hoping that they will all match. You need to consider each number separately, because matching two or more numbers results in Merging them, while matching one number results in Combining it with the other numbers. 

How to play Merge Numbers Wooden edition

Using Mouse