Mole Heist

Mole Heist

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About Mole Heist

Mole Heist is a fast-paced, arcade puzzle game with a unique twist. Get ready to explore the underground world of moles and their secret stolen treasure. Lead your team of moles through challenging levels, avoid traps and capture the gems. Compete for the best score in this action-packed.

In Mole Heist game you are a mole who wants to raid the money stash of an evil Tiger. You need to collect all the money and evade the traps to escape. But be careful, there are many hidden traps in your way! Are you ready? Explore this underground world and find your way through with intelligence and wit. Avoid being caught by the lurking guard or falling down any pits. If you like this game, please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment so we can bring more great games like this one.

Mole Heist are crafty creatures that will stop at nothing to get what they want. In this case, that means stealing your precious gems and gold so they can buy some bananas. In This game you play as the greedy moles and must steal the gems from the unsuspecting miners before they collapse from exhaustion. Sounds simple? Well if it was, then this wouldn’t be a game about moles, would it? ;) Explore awesome cave levels filled with treasure, traps and interactive objects. Discover hidden passages to find more loot and make use of specific abilities to trigger chain reactions that will help you solve challenging puzzles. 

In Mole Heist, you play as a sneaky little mouse who needs to gather all the carrots in each level without getting caught by the hungry moles. How can you do this? By digging underground, of course! Use your trusty shovel to dig through walls, create tunnels and make your way to where the yummy carrots are hidden. This new take on an old arcade classic game is perfect for those who love puzzles and challenges. If you’re ready to get stuck in with this clever rodent then read on for how to play this amazing game.

How to play Mole Heist

Controls Hold the left mouse button to dig.