Monster School Challenges

Monster School Challenges

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About Monster School Challenges

This Monster School Challenges is not your average institute of learning. You are a monster and your school needs to be rebuilt. You will need to prove yourself and show your smarts by solving challenges that only the smartest monsters can. Are you up for the challenge? You will go through different challenges in this game, from simple math tests to complex logic puzzles. Will you get the highest score? 

Are you a student in the monster school? Are you a total noob at all those brain challenges? If this is the case then you need to take your studies seriously and sharpen your wits. This will be an easy challenge for advanced players but also fun for newbies as well. The test is available in English, French, German and Dutch.

Monster School is the ultimate enderman vs superpig challenge. Are you a noob or a pro? Let’s find out! Prove your brainpower by beating 25 challenging levels where you must think and act fast to beat the monster school.

How to play Monster School Challenges

Using Mouse