Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

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About Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures is back and this time he’s brought his trusty companion with him – his beloved teddy bear! Join Mr Bean and Teddy as they embark on a brand-new Solitaire adventure. In Mr Bean’s Wildest Card Adventure, you must help Mr Bean navigate through the numerous locations in this challenging card game. With exciting locations to explore and difficult challenges to overcome, it’ll be your cunning that helps you succeed! With new locations, including an abandoned castle, cobblestone road and even the moon, there are plenty of challenges for Mr Bean to complete. As well as the new locations, you will also have to contend with spiders as enemies that are trying their best to stop you from winning. So do you think you can take on Mr Bean’s Card Adventure? 

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures loves playing cards, and he is quite good at it. But instead of playing with his friends, he prefers to play alone. He has a whole box full of decks with him wherever he goes. And whenever he finds some free time, Mr Bean starts shuffling the cards and dealing himself game after This Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures is set in the wild American West, where you must help Mr Bean find three hidden treasures in 30 exciting levels. Each level has its own objectives and rules: from matching cards by color or value to removing specific cards from the deck; from collecting coins to avoiding Discover all the secrets of Mr Bean’s card

Game is back in his very own Solitaire game! It’s time for Mr. Bean to get back to basics and return to the simple pleasures of life — such as card games. With a new twist on the classic card game, this special version of Solitaire has you helping Mr. Bean in an Adventure through various locations to find all of the hidden cards! In each location, you must help Mr. Bean find cards by combining them with other cards from the deck. The catch? You can only combine cards if they have the same suit or number! 

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventuresn is back with new adventures! Are you ready to discover the third world, packed with funny and challenging puzzles? Once again Mr. Bean will test your skills as a solitaire player in this cool card game and help you unlock the secrets of each location to win every challenge! Black Ace is waiting for you so don't waste any time.

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures loves card games, and he is always ready for a new challenge. This time he has decided to take on the role of a solitaire player. In this challenging card game adventure, you will be helping Mr Bean win all the cards in each level. 

How to play Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Using Mouse