Mr Noob Vs Zombies

Mr Noob Vs Zombies

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About Mr Noob Vs Zombies

Mr Noob vs Zombies is a new game from Hypercasual developers that will release soon. Mr Noob is the hero in this game and needs your help to survive against zombies. This is a shooting game where you need to shoot the approaching zombies without getting hit by them. You have to be extra careful because attacking with the wrong gun or at the wrong time will cost your life rather than saving it. There are three different kinds of guns available: revolver, shotgun, and sniper rifle. Once you have unlocked all three, you can start playing as Mr noob Vs Zombies. 

Mr Noob Vs Zombies is a hypercasual, pro vs. shooting game with a unique twist. It pits your wits and skills against AI fighters and zombie bosses in a dark underground bunker. You must complete missions and unlock new weapons to become the ultimate badass. The graphics are minimalistic with neat details and animations. The controls are super easy with just one tap to shoot or crouch. Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, perks, and weapon upgrades which makes it challenging but fair gameplay.

Welcome to Noob vs Pros, the hypercasual shooting game where you have to be a noob to beat a pro. Here, the pros are real pro gamers, who know the game inside out and won’t fall for your tricks. You need to be silent and sneaky, take multiple steps before even thinking of taking a shot, and always go for headshots. 

Mr Noob Vs Zombies is a hypercasual shooting game. Players take control of Mr Noob as he fights off waves of zombies and other strange creatures in his mansion. This is a simple game with basic controls, but there are some hidden tricks to help you win more often. 

Today, there are even more games about shooting zombies. It’s a very popular topic, but also an oversaturated market. So how can you stand out from the crowd and make your game different? 

How to play Mr Noob Vs Zombies

Using Mouse