Noob Skyblock

Noob Skyblock

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About Noob Skyblock

Today you’ve received a letter from your uncle. It said that he lives in some small island and needs help with his work there. You need to go there as soon as possible because he is not young anymore, and it will be a big problem if something happens to him. No one knows who this uncle of yours is, but it doesn’t matter now. The most important thing is that you should get to that Skyblock island as fast as possible, or you will lose your legacy!

Noob Skyblock is a brand new custom map for Minecraft that challenges players to survive on a floating island with almost no resources. Players will have to cleverly use the few materials available to build and battle their way through the game, unlocking new items and challenges as they progress.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t felt like a noob at one point in their Minecraft game? Well, with this article you won’t have to worry about that again! We are going to stress on the importance of learning all there is about playing Minecraft, from the basics to advanced techniques.

Today we are going to show you how to play the super exciting and challenging Noob SkyBlock game in Minecraft. If you are new to Minecraft and have just recently started playing, a noob or easy difficulty setting is recommended. 

How to play Noob Skyblock

Using Mouse