Noob Vs pro 1

Noob Vs pro 1

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About Noob Vs pro 1

You are a noob. You have just started mastering the game of Minecraft. You have been playing for about a month, and you feel like you could be one step ahead of everyone else. Everything is going great! You have defeated your first enemy, completed your first quest and found the source of your first bug. Congrats! You’re getting better with time. But then, out of nowhere, you get hit by a brick wall. Your friends become obtusely difficult to understand, your world falls into darkness and…Noob Vs pro 1 is that you aren’t the only one out there. Other new users have the exact same experience as you did at the beginning: stuck, confused and reluctant to take on challenges again for fear of making mistakes or looking stupid. They give up too soon or go on too long and end up exhausted after too many hours online. They don’t know what annoys them most – experienced players who can’t communicate like newbies or players who are put off by advice from beginners? 

How to play Noob Vs pro 1

Using Mouse