Nuwpy's Adventure

Nuwpy's Adventure

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About Nuwpy's Adventure

Keep jumping, dodging and avoid those monsters! this is an addictive game that you should not miss out. You need to collect the red ball and avoid hitting with the monster at the same time. How long can you last? It's simple but challenging! If you like this game, please give it a thumbs up and also recommend to your friends or family.

Ready to test your reaction and focus? Nuwpy's Adventure is a fast-paced arcade game with monster jumping, dodging, collecting and avoiding obstacles. Keep control of your character and collect as many coins as you can while avoiding the monsters that chase you! This game tests not only your reaction time but also your focus. You have to be aware of different objects on the screen and remember their locations so you can avoid them. The more levels you complete, the faster they move. How far can you get before caving under pressure? Test your skills and see how many levels you can get through before failing one.

Are you excited about New Year eve? Are you looking for some fun games on this special occasion? We bring you a new exciting game, where you can play as one of the monsters and collect as many gifts as possible to win the game. Nuwpy's Adventure is an exciting monster jumping game with so much to explore. Explore various levels and do your best to avoid all the obstacles and collect as many gifts as possible. 

Fun and addictive monster collecting game! You are a monster and you need to collect other monsters. Sounds easy? It Until you realize that they run away from you as soon as they see you! But do not worry, with some sneaky tricks and thoughtful strategy.

How to play Nuwpy's Adventure

Desktop controls Use A/D or left/right arrow to move left and right Use W or up arrow to jump Mobile controls Hold and move left side screen to show virtual joystick Tap right side screen to jump Hold the jump button to make Nuwpy jump higher.