Om Nom: Run

Om Nom: Run

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About Om Nom: Run

Om Nom Run ", you’ll take control of a cute little alien as he tries to collect delicious treats as quickly as possible. But be careful, there are nasty aliens out there that don’t like when people eat their friends. There are also obstacles embedded in the This game world that will try to slow you down. Luckily, you have a special ability that allows you to power up and transform into different creatures. Each power up will let you run faster and jump higher. Do you have what it takes to This game your way to

Oms are cute, fuzzy little beings that love to run. They live in the Cookie Forest and run around collecting nom points by eating cookies. They need your help to collect as many nom points as they can before they get too exhausted to continue. Every so often, a Nom will run through the forest chasing cookie crumbs. You can help the little guy by pushing obstacles and running over power-ups to knock him back into the forest. You can also help him by catching him and giving him a cookie to make him drop his nom token. If you help him enough, you can give him a second wind and make him stronger. But watch out! If you aren't careful, the Nom might just outrun

Get ready for a 40-minute journey through the sweetest candy world ever created. The Candy Kingdom is facing a serious threat. There are gruesomestoss-blobs-of-candy lurking in every nook and cranny. They have appeared from the depths of the Cookie Mountains and the Vending Ville. The only way to get rid of them is to get them out of the kingdom! But how? You need an obstacle course that can make these candies run away. That’s where you come in. You are the This amazing game ! Help Om Nom complete 40 levels of increasing difficulty as he collects power-ups and avoids deadly obstacles. Can you help him reach the end of the Candy

How to play Om Nom: Run

Controls Use the arrows to move.