Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria

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About Papa's Pizzeria

Papax27s Pizzeria is a simulation game, developed and published by Tamsoft, where the player assumes the role of a pizzaiolo who runs a small restaurant. The game follows a point-and-click interface and has no microtransactions.

This amazing game is a restaurant simulation game in which the player manages a pizzeria. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on August 22, 2016, and for macOS on December 12, 2016. The player must manage the day-to-day operations of their restaurant in order to attract customers and increase revenue. They can build various aspects of their business, such as a kitchen, dining area and office space. Additional employees will also require food and other services in order to operate efficiently. Initially Papax27s is only open from 5pm to 10pm but additional nights will open up if certain conditions are met.

This one is developed game for Android. It is a simulation of a restaurant, you have to manage papa&x27;s pizzeria and serve customers with food that satisfy them. It will be better if you know how to cook because it will be useful as well. You have to take care of your customers and keep their orders coming in every day without fail. 

Papax27s Pizzeria is a restaurant simulation game. Building your own pizza shop is not easy, but with your hard work and dedication, you can make it successful! You start off as the owner of a small pizzeria. Your aim is to build your business into the best in town. Keep upgrading your kitchen, hire more staff, sell more pizzas, expand your business and make it prosper! Good luck! Features> - Build and grow your business through the game. - Buy new kitchen equipment to upgrade your shop’s quality. - Hire staff members to run the shop efficiently. Keeping them happy will increase their productivity. - Sell pizza to earn money for further expansion. How to play> - Tap on ingredients to place them in the right order on the cooking board as shown in blue on top of the screen. Tips> It’s recommended that you purchase all equipment upgrades as soon as possible so that you can make more money selling pizzas and hiring staff members faster than before. Also check out our Facebook page for support or if you have any questions: Note> This app contains In App Purchases real money). If you do not want to use this feature, please disable In App Purchases from this app in your device settings.

This one is a simulation game where you take control of the This amazing game.n the game, your goal is to make as much money as possible by running a successful restaurant. You also have to manage your time carefully, so that you don't run out of it before making enough money. There are three different ways to earn money at This amazing game : selling alcohol and soft drinks, reservations, and customer orders. You must be aware of how each one affects your business differently.

How to play Papa's Pizzeria

Controls Perform all actions with the mouse.