Paper Fighter 3D

Paper Fighter 3D

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About Paper Fighter 3D

Paper Fighter 3D game is very simple. The objective of the game is to hit your opponent with the ball until you are hit with the ball yourself. Once you hit your opponent with the ball, you have to defend it as best you can while still maintaining possession of the ball. The ball is worth a lot in this game and if your opponent has it, they have it! Your only chance of winning is if you manage to score at least one goal with the ball. If you manage to hit your opponent when they are on their backside, that's better than them having it! If you manage to score at least one goal but aren't able to take care of the ball yourself, that's good news. 

This is a hand-painted fighter figurine with a sword, shield and other melee weapons. It’s designed to look like a real person but act like a figure skater! You can paint the details if you so choose, but this is a simple sculpted model that you can play with as well. It’s not meant to be taken seriously or played against someone else, it’s just an action figure that’s fun to pose and dance around on stage. 

Paper Fighter 3D game is made for 2 players. Each player gets a book with some pictures in it, they try to make the best fighter out of each picture, and if they can do that and defeat their opponent, they take the book home with them. It’s a 3D fighters game so you can see all the moves in detail, and there are different rings where you can fight on different levels so you have different challenges. 


How to play Paper Fighter 3D

Using Mouse