Pixel Smash Duel

Pixel Smash Duel

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About Pixel Smash Duel

Pixel Smash Duel is a funny 2 players shooting game. Your goal is to shoot as many pixelated stickmen as you can before your opponent does the same. If you both manage to shoot them before the time runs out, it’s a draw. Sounds easy? Well, not so much. There are more than 200 different enemies with over 60 abilities and elaborate strategies to master! You can play This one on PC or mobile phones. It supports Android and iOS platforms. The game has several game modes: campaign, survival, training, versus, endless and custom games. You can also play against AI opponents in Campaign or Survival mode which will give you an idea of how the game feels in real-time (unfortunately there is no online multiplayer yet). In Versus mode you get to challenge live players from all over the world via matchmaking or Google Play Games leaderboards.

This amazing game is a pixel art shooting game for 2 players. Shoot at your opponent and try to destroy their pixel character as much as possible. When you shoot your opponent it will take some damage. If you shoot them enough times, they will explode and die! Pixel Smash Duel features ragdoll characters after being shot which makes the game even more fun! You can play with many different characters from various franchises such as Super Mario, Zelda and Pokemon among others! The game has a wide variety of maps where new challenges await you at every moment. Each map comes with its own rules, objectives and unlockables that help keep This amazing game fresh for ever player. 

This is a game where you shoot your opponent with ragdoll bullets and let him smash into the walls for points. Every so often, the stage will reset or the time limit will be reduced, offering new challenges and making you work harder to survive. The person who survives the most wins!

  • There are four different stages each with their own set of props. Each level has its own time limit, target score, and other rules that determine how many points you get when your opponent smashes into them.
  • Use items such as bombs to destroy your opponent’s items before they can use them on.

A pixelmash is a quick game where you and an opponent take turns smashing a character on the screen. Each player has their own side of the screen, but they are all fighting on the same level playing field. A pixelmash is especially fun when played with 2 players.


How to play Pixel Smash Duel

Using Mouse