Pool Party 2

Pool Party 2

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About Pool Party 2

In this version of the Pool Party 2, you can choose between two modes: Arcade and Arcade mode, you are given a set amount of time to finish the level and earn points; in Party mode, you have unlimited time and can play with up to 5 players in one session. Each player has his own board and they must complete the level as a team by swapping colored squares according to the rules in order to clear it. The first person to clear all the levels wins!Features:

  • 10 different challenging levels with 3 difficulty levels each.
  • 4 unique party mode levels which changes everytime you play it.
  • Simple and addictive gameplay that anyone can play.
  • No wifi connection is required but local network is recommended for best gaming experience.
  • Stunning graphics and effects specifically designed for kids and fans of retro video games.
  • Original music by experienced musicians providing top quality sound effects adding to the experience.
  • A leaderboard function where players can see who’s the best among themselves.

Friends, family and co-workers will love playing the classic party game Spoons at your next gathering… or can you say that about any party game ever? Well, the answer is yes and no. Party games are great for getting people talking, laughing and mingling. But sometimes, the gameplay gets a little old, especially when there’s a constant stream of new people joining in on the fun. Thankfully, Spoons is one of the most enjoyable party games that you can play with your friends. The best part? It’s also a blast to play solo. This weeks update has added two brand new ways to play Spoons that are sure to have your friends falling over themselves trying to join in on the action.

In this sequel to the popular match-3 game, you will once again take on the role of the matches. Your task is to guide matches along a path that will result in matching three or more same-color mates. You can choose from several different game modes. In practice, this means that there are two main types of games: ordinary match-3 games and raffle games. In ordinary match-3 games, you have unlimited tries and one try per move; in raffle games, you get fewer tries but each try has to be completed with only one move. In both cases, your goal is to match as many identical colored mates as possible. The more matches you complete in a row, the more points you will score. The game ends when all the roses are gone or all the matches have been made. Let’s

How to play Pool Party 2

Using Mouse