Rocky Rampage Online

Rocky Rampage Online

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About Rocky Rampage Online

Rocky Rampage Online is a casual action game. The game starts with you, a slightly dyslexic, probably not that bright and definitely not a rocket scientist or even an astronaut or anything like that. You just wanna blast things up in space. Everything in your life has been going great until one fateful day when you accidentally set off a rocket in the backyard of your house. Now everything’s gone horribly, horribly wrong and it’s time to take out some revenge on the world because - hey - it can’t be that bad right? As expected from any action game, you control Rocky as he traverses through various alien landscapes while blasting enemies with his trusty turret gun (oh good grief, I really need to stop using the word ‘gun’ when I talk about turrets). 

Rocky Rampage Online is a rocket-themed game where you build and manage your very own space colony. Your goal is to grow your space colony, mine resources, research new tech, and attract settlers. As your colony grows you’ll unlock more buildings and opportunities to expand your space station. Build storage rooms for your resources so that they don’t go unused. Research new technologies and research new blueprints for buildings so that you can construct the most efficient structures possible. Attract new settlers by building housing, schools, farms, and other necessary structures to make people want to live there. 

Rocky Rampage Online is an action-adventure game in which you control a cute little animal that goes on a rampage, shooting everything in sight. The game is played from the third person perspective, and as such you’ll need to use your mouse to aim and shoot at enemies, as well as use your left and right click buttons to cycle through your few different gun types, press spacebar to reload and use something called rage mode when it comes up. The game has fairly basic graphics and sounds but this only adds charm to its simplistic gameplay. 

This game is about a little green space alien and his little pet dinosaur. Once the pet dies, he goes on an epic adventure to find and revive his pet in this new, strange world. Exploration is key in this action-packed clicker! When you start playing, you’ll be able to unlock three different dinos at the same time and from then on every level of the game will have a new dino for you to unlock. You can enjoy all versions of the game with one account or play it alone with your friends. 

Go on an adventure as Rocky, a small but mighty moose. Battle other moose and other predator animals in this online multiplayer action game! Battle with your friends against the computer AI in different game modes. Unlock new characters and upgrade your weapons to become the ultimate predator of the wilderness! 

How to play Rocky Rampage Online

It is an entertaining game of pure adventure Rocky Rampage is an exclusive game of kiz10 controls pointing the direction of expulsion of the Rocky character so that he reaches as far as you can. Join Boulder Cobblestone and his sidekick Pebble on their quest to recover the stolen Wonderpants piece by piece. Use your ability to react quickly, boost the character as best you can to collect many more items in his path and survive longer. You can improve the features of the game like being extra life, boosted rocket, more ammunition, improve your score with each attempt and enjoy many hours of free entertainment in kiz10. Features:Casual game of action, adventure and levels.Improve the characteristics of your character power, extra lives, more bullets, etc.Complete the game more than 15 levels.Game optimized for pc, mobile and tablets. PC controls:Use the mouse left click to aim and shoot using the items in the game.Mobile and tablet controls:Touch the screen to aim and release to shoot. 800 X 600 Mon Jun 27 2022