Save the Kitten

Save the Kitten

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About Save the Kitten

Save the Kitten is a Retro-Arcade game that puts your reflexes to the test. Test how fast you can save that little ball of fluff from harm! In this arcade style game, you control a red claw with your mouse or arrow keys and must catch falling kittens with it. Save The Kitten has been developed in Unity 5 using custom 2D sprites and animations. It features a fully functional main menu and end screen, 7 challenging stages, an original soundtrack and dynamic audio effects. 

Save the Kitten is a short but sweet game made in just one day. It’s an arcade styled action game where you play as the boy and have to save the kitten from danger by guiding him to safety through a maze of deadly traps. The controls are extremely simple – use your mouse to point in the direction you want the boy or kitten to go, and press spacebar to jump. 

Save The Kitten is a retro-inspired arcade adventure where you play as a pixelated hero who must save a helpless kitten from the dangers of the world. You will explore different locations, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies to reach your objective. This game is inspired by old school games like Legend Of Zelda and Super Mario. 

Save the Kitten is a retro-looking action arcade game where you play as the boy from an old cartoon and your mission is to save the kitten from the hungry fox. This can be achieved by playing various mini games and collecting various objects that will help you beat him. 

Save the Kitten is a fun arcade game with a cute kitten as the main character. You must play as the sweet, little cat and run away from danger to save your friends. Also you must escape from villains, jump over platforms and avoid fire if you want to win this game. 

How to play Save the Kitten

Using Mouse