Shapik The Quest

Shapik The Quest

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About Shapik The Quest

The game is about a boy who tries to find his parents and save the world from an alien invasion. The game’s plot can be described in a few sentences: A species of aliens known as the Blue Avians attack Earth and abduct everyone they deem unfit to live on their new home, which happens to be our solar system. For some reason, the aliens fail to abduct the boy’s parents during the attack, leaving him alone with no one on his side but his pet robot dog youmu and a grim secret that he knows nothing about. The player assumes the role of Shadipi, a young Indian boy who lives with his grandparents after both of his parents were abducted by the Blue Avians. Ever since that fateful day, he’s been desperate to find them again so he can convince them that it would be better for them if they moved somewhere else instead. One day, while playing outside by himself, he stumbles across an old book hidden behind a rock face in the forest outside his house. When he opens it up for the first time, it reveals itself to be a map that leads him straight to

Shapik The Quest is a point and click adventure game set within the amazing world of Alien. The Quest will take you on an atmospheric journey as you explore abandoned alien structures, solve puzzles and uncover the mystery behind this unknown place known as The Quest! You play as Piers, an inexperienced young pilot who crash lands his spaceship on various alien structures in the name of exploration. 

Welcome to the world of Shapeshifting Alien Adventure! In this game you will meet a very interesting character named Shapik. He looks like an ordinary young boy but he is actually an alien from another planet. Last year, he came to our world for the first time in many generations and he wants to explore it again. Unfortunately, most human beings have never seen an alien before and they are scared of them as well. 

Shapik The Quest is an atmospheric point and click game with a surprising plot. You play as Shapik, who has just lost his entire tribe in a mysterious forest fire. As he wanders through the barren forest, he discovers a strange glowing sphere. The sphere opens up into a portal that transports him to an unknown planet with an eerie atmosphere. 

It’s a nice day on the alien planet of Krop-Krok. You are exploring it and you happen to come across a strange egg. What should you do? Simple, right? Just leave it be… but what if you had an adventurous spirit in you? Capture the treasure, sell it to the highest bidder and make your fortune! 

How to play Shapik The Quest

Using Mouse