Slice them all! 3D

Slice them all! 3D

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About Slice them all! 3D

Slice them all! 3D has recently been added to our website to increase our input of hypercasual runner games even more because we've noticed how much you enjoy this kind of content. As such, you shouldn't miss out on this brand-new game because, like every entry here, it brings along new elements for you to discover and enjoy!

Robots from another planet invade Earth and attack the hostages. Your job as a slicing hero is to shoot them with your rifle. Use the cannon to your advantage to slash any approaching robots. Kill them if you can before they attack you. If all adversaries are vanquished, you will triumph and receive a large number of coins. You're aiming for the money boxes in addition to the alien robots. To get as many coins as you can, slice them. Use your earned coins in the shop to buy more powerful weapons.

Move your mouse left and right while holding your pistol to chop everything down, primarily the robots that are approaching you because these are the adversaries that you need to tear up and eliminate. Your gun fires a powerful laser instead of bullets, cutting anything in its path.

How to play Slice them all! 3D

Using Mouse