Slime Warrior Run

Slime Warrior Run

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About Slime Warrior Run

In this game you will play as a Slime and your task is to run as far as you can. You will have to run through a forest while staying away from trees and other obstacles. You will have to destroy tanks filled with slime and other obstacles to advance. It is an amazing adventure game for boys and girls of all ages. This game will test your skills and reflexes and you will have to use your best judgement and wits to survive. Spend your time playing the best slime games for girls and boys. If you are looking for a challenging adventure game for boys and girls then you are in the right place. Run as far as you can and destroy the obstacles in your way. There will be obstacles like trees, rocks, and other buildings. You will also have to avoid the other Slime Warriors who are also running through the forest. You will also have to avoid the obstacles that will try to slow you down or stop you. Have fun playing this game and see how far you can

Slime warriors are back! With new missions, new challenges and new war machines to face them, this time you will have to run to destroy the alien tanks before they destroy the human race. You will have to battle with the alien tanks to save humanity! A challenging runner game with lots of missions and characters to unlock and unlock new war machines to destroy the alien tanks. You have to help your slime warrior run and destroy alien tanks to save humanity. Run, destroy and save humanity! The alien tanks have invaded the cities and they are on a mission to destroy the human race. You have to help your slime warrior run and destroy alien tanks to save humanity. Run fast and destroy alien tanks to save humanity. Use Arrows or WASD to run, Jump to jump and Space to

In Slime Warrior Run, help the little green slime jump over different obstacles to get to the finish line. The green slime is not very fast so it needs your help to get past each obstacle as quickly as possible. And what would slime be without slime powers? Use those to your advantage to get past all the tricky obstacles. Use simple touch controls to run, jump and destroy obstacles. It’s a good idea to start off with an easy level because you will be able to keep up with the game’s difficulty later on. With more levels and obstacles, the game will get harder and harder so it’s best to begin with a level that’s easy for

In the world of slime, there are many different kinds. Some are slow and sticky, some are fast and dangerous and some are even slime warriors! You can be too! You can become a slime warrior in just one day by following our simple steps: Run, destroy and run away from other slime warriors! Destroy all the bricks and reach the finish line. The more bricks you destroy, the faster you complete the level. But be careful, running can be dangerous too! You can run away from the other slime warriors, but you can’t run away from yourself. Play now for free and become the ultimate slime

Have you always dreamed to be a hero instead of the sidekick? Well, here’s your chance to prove that you have what it takes to be one. In Slime Warrior Run, you will play the role of a brave warrior who was chosen by The Great Slime as his most trusted sidekick. Your mission is to help the Great Slime conquer its enemies while running and destroying as many bricks as you can. Are you ready to play? Get ready to set off and

How to play Slime Warrior Run

Key Features - Interesting gameplay in the genre! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls! Instruction Slide to move