Square Bird

Square Bird

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About Square Bird

A fierce predator watches its surroundings and plans its next attack. Its sharp senses enable it to detect prey from a long distance. Its razor-sharp talons allow it to grasp and hold its prey. Its large size gives it a superior fighting chance against other birds. It is the most dominant bird in its territory. It is the Big Blue Bird. Sitting in a tree, high above the ground, the Big Blue Bird sees all. It has superb vision and hears every sound around. It has long been the leader of all other birds. It is time for the Big Blue Bird to descend from the tree and resume its reign over the birds in the forest. Will the other birds accept the Big Blue Bird as their new leader? Or will they rebel against it? You must help the Big Blue Bird to rule over the forest. The Square Bird is played using the side-scrolling bird view and one button control. You must guide the Big Bird to the exit door by touching and moving the screen with the left side of your device’s screen. Move obstacles and other birds out of the way and try to avoid the traps and arrows. Collect points and stars as you progress. These points can be redeemed for coins and diamonds. These coins and diamonds can be used to unlock more birds and levels. Play the bird and get ready to be its Big Blue

Running a zoo is no easy feat. With lions, zebras, tigers, and more, keeping these animals in check is no easy feat either. But you’ve got this, sistah. Keep these animals happy and healthy with this birdy game! Use your keyboard arrow keys to run, jump, and collect food for these animals. Don’t let the animals get unhappy. Keep them happy and healthy to earn a good rating for your job! Keep your birdy friends happy in this one button game. The best way to play is with your friends. Get your friends and family together and have some birdy

In Square Bird game you control a little green bird. You have to collect fruits and avoid obstacles to get to the end of the level. Try to explore different locations and find secrets. Explore different themes and unlock new characters, levels and

Taking care of a pet can be difficult. Sometimes you may even forget to feed them, let alone clean up after them. Luckily, you have your bird to help you out! In this game, you must help the little bird take care of his/her pet. You can do this by cleaning up after the pet bird, changing its water, and feeding it. Keep an eye on that bird and you’ll be able to keep it happy and

Today we are going to learn how to create a bird game in HTML5. In this game, the player needs to catch a specific type of bird within a limited time. The first player to catch the specific type of bird within the time limit in the game wins. We will be creating a bird game in HTML5 with the help of JavaScript, CSS and

How to play Square Bird

Controls Press space bar or left mouse button to lay eggs and rise the bird over obstacles.