Steve and Alex

Steve and Alex

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About Steve and Alex

 He’s discovered that he’s dyslexic and was never told, meaning he struggled with reading and writing all his life but no one knew. Until now. Even though he knew this would happen, seeing it coming still hurts like hell. That said, his friends are there to lend an ear and lend a hand or two. One of those friends is Andrew (a.k Rupert Evans), the guy Alex has known since they were six and whose parents were best friends with Alex’s grandparents until they died in a car crash when Andrew was 8-years-old (and whom Alex last saw at Christmas).

It was a Tuesday and I had just left work. We had spent the afternoon at the game store and we were pretty excited about what we had just bought. At that moment, my boyfriend gave me a call to ask if I could pick him up from his friend’s house since he was stuck there for now. We weren’t sure if it was his friend’s or his parents; but either way, they were allowing him to stay there until he gets another place. So I dropped everything that I had in my bag (yes, even my change), ran home as fast as possible and got into my car to drive all the way back home. When I got home, I was surprised at how earlier everyone seemed to have already arrived home too. So needless to say, this did not take us very long at all to get home from work that day. 

Steve and Alex is one of my best friends. We met when we were 11 years old and have been inseparable ever since. In fact, I don't think I've ever even been on a date with someone else since meeting him. Maybe that's why it hurts so much when he plays games with me. He knows the rules and the consequences better than anyone else, but that doesn’t stop him from continuously trying to beat me at whatever game he can find. The first time he did it, I was shocked. But as he continued to do it again and again, I grew used to it and started accepting his behavior as part of who he is. Even though I no longer like it when he does it, I still try not to take his actions personally because there's really nothing else I can do about them except let them roll off my back like water off a duck’s back (or something like that). 

Steve and Alex game has been around for decades and it is still popular. We spent most of the time rolling dice, narrating our characters’ actions, and coming up with ways to defeat the dungeon master (the person running the game). The game is relatively simple; you have a character sheet where you list your character’s race, class, alignment, attributes, skills and spells. Your DM then creates a map of the dungeon where your adventure takes place. The rules are simple enough that anyone can play this game even if they have never read any role playing games before. 

Alex and I have been playing games together since we were in elementary school. We both love to play games, especially board games. It was no surprise when we both discovered that one of our favorite hobbies led us to share many common interests. We’re both huge fans of the TV series Game of Thrones, which is why you might have found us watching it together a few times lately. Not only is it one of our favorite shows, but we also like exploring other shows with similar themes and plots. So naturally, this led us to start exploring game options that would be fun for us as well as someone new to boardgames and video games alike.

How to play Steve and Alex

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